Types of Charters

Types of Charters

NSS Pattam is offered in a variety of charter modes. The most common one is day charters.

Day charters can commence from 9AM anytime until the latest start time of around 6PM.

The length of a day charter can be from 4 hours to a maximum of 8 hours, but it could be more. A charter of 5-6 hours will give you more time to enjoy a beach or a sunset leasurely. Most people who desire a beach outing or a sunset cruise opt for the 6 hour charter or longer so it can be done with lots of time for pictures, etc.

NSS Pattam, being 111 tons gross can carry legally 12 guests, plus crew. This is a very safe number as the yacht can surely carry a lot more guests. If your group is more than 12, then we can do a tandem charter with our 32 foot military type inflatable that can also carry 12 guests safely, but we try to limit the number of guests to 10 on that boat. This tandem charter works well when you go to the beach as you can all be together, plus we can swap guests between the 2 boats during the charter.

If your group is more than 12 guests, we can also do a tandem charter with abother boat, as we are also charter brokers for most boats in Tampa Bay. We would coordinate both boats for you, so you are not burdened with all the coordinating details.

We have a variety of charters available for your enjoyment

Day Charters

Day charters can be a Demise or a Crewed charter contract. 




Overnight Charters

Overnight charters can be at anchor or at a dock and can also be a Demise or a Crewed charter contract.

We can accomodate up to 3 couples. These charters are more complicated so usually they require telephone consultations.

Adventure Charters

Adventure charters are under a Demise charter contract and the 32 foot military style hard bottom inflatable is used. We can take 10 guests comfortably.

Tubing Charters

Tubing involves the use of the 32 foot inflatable with 600HP. It is also a Demise charter contract. This event can be coordinated with an NSS Pattam charter or as a stand-alone fun event.

Tandem Charters

Tandem Charters are charters where 2 boats are used in order to accomodate more guests and facilitate interchange between boats for the guests. NSS Pattam and Bathem make the best tandem combination for your enjoyment.

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