NSS Pattam Demise Charter Contract

NSS Pattam Demise Charter Contract

This is the demise charter contract. This may not be the latest version, but if you need the latest version, contact us for a copy.

AND ________________________ of Street _____________________________________, City ________________________,

Code _______________, Country___________________, The CHARTERER. The Charterer will provide on their own the proper Crew for the operation of the vessel.

Yacht: NSS Pattam  LOA: 84 feet Motor Yacht  Official  Number: 943507

Charter Start Date ______/_______ 202____   Duration:   __ Hours.  Start time ____________Cruising Area: Tampa Bay. 

Port of Boarding: ____________   Port of Release: ____________________ Number of Charter Guests: ___________      

Charter Fee: US $ ________ Additional Fees: US $ _______ Taxes: US $ ________   Crew Gratuity: (15-20%) ________

Total Amount Due:  US $ ____________   Deposit: US $ ___________    Final Payment:  US $ ________     Due 15 days

prior to the start of the Charter.

Charterer takes complete possession of the vessel, operating It as if it were their own.

Charterer must provide a qualified Captain/Crew. We provide you with a choice of Captains and you must select one:            A. Choice 1: _________________________                    D. Choice 4: Joe Christensen

           B. Choice 2: Timothy Back                                                   E. Choice 5: Tyler Paulson       

           C. Choice 3: Gil Castillo                                                        F. Choice 6:  Norm Russick

1. The charterer becomes the owner for most legal purposes, such as the vessel’s seaworthiness.

2. Charterer assumes total liability for the vessel’s operation.

3. Charterer must provide a qualified Captain/Crew.

4. Charterer is responsibility for pollution cleanup, and any other liability normally flowing to a vessel owner.

5. Charterer shall be solely responsible for loss, detention, or damage to vessel during the term of charter, or resulting therefrom, whether such loss, detention or damage be latent or patent defects of condition(s).

6. You have complete control over the Captain and the Crew, except as to the safe navigation and safety of the vessel.

7. Charterer agrees that all pictures taken by the crew will be allowed to be used for publicity purposes without any additional commitments, restrictions or fees.

8. Charterer will have the vessel fully inspected prior to the start of the charter and at the end of the charter.

   9. OTHER RESTRICTED ITEMS: We do not allow a) red wines, b) high heel shoes, c) glitter from makeup, spray, balloons, clothing, etc. d) confetti, e) dark frosting on cakes, f) ring pops, or other similar items.


  1. CANCELLATIONS. If you cancel for any reason up to 7 days before the charter start date, we will refund your payments minus a 10% charge. If you cancel for any reason except as stated in 7.b. within 7 days of the charter start date, there is no refund. If the CHARTERER does not show up for the charter start time within an hour after the start time, there will be no refund and it will be considered as a late cancellation.
    1. REFUNDS. a) Weather. Full refund or we agree on a new date for the charter. Weather cancellation is only at the discretion of the captain. b) If the charter is cancelled by the OWNER, full refund. c) Medical or similar. Death in a close family, or a major unpredictable medical issue is a full refund, after evidence to the facts is received.

The Crew shall perform assigned duties on the vessel as a crew member in a timely, neat, first class, good and workmanlike manner, in strict compliance with the laws of the United States of America and in accordance with all rules and regulations that may be applicable to this agreement and the performance of said duties. The Captain will have the final decision on the safe operation of vessel.

The Crew has the power and responsibility to report any illegal drugs or drug use on board to the proper authorities and make arrangements for the vessel to be met at a dock. Said crew also has the right to terminate the charter at any time for improper, abusive or dangerous behavior on board, without any refunds.

For and in consideration of the agreement herein, Charterer agrees to pay and OWNER agrees to accept as payment in full of the contract the sum of $ ______ payable in advance or as agreed upon in advance. Any additional hours/days other than those listed above shall be Charged at $ _______/hr,  payable to the Captain before leaving the vessel.

Dated: _________________________________________, 202__.

Charterer signature: ________________________________________

For Do Charter Now LLC, 4905 34 St S., St Petersburg, FL 33711.

Name: Patricia Bockh        Title: Manager            Signature: _________________________________________

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