Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need a license/certificate?
    No. The boat will be run by the crew with all the necessary licenses and formalities.
  2. What is included?
    For NSS Pattam, the boat, crew, fuel, ice, soft drinks.
    On Bathem charters the fuel is an extra.
  3. What is not included?
    Gratuities, sales tax, extras requested by you, like provisioning, live music, massages, etc.
  4. Do you give a briefing at the start of a charter?
    Yes, both by US Coast Guard regulations and by common sense we tell you what to do in an emergency and what to do and not to do normally and why. We also answer your questions.
  5. How can I provision?
    We can help with provisioning in many different ways and also explain how you can do it for yourself. This is best arranged over the phone or in writing, in detail.
  6. What deposit is required?
    US $ 500.00 due upon booking. See the small print page for more details.
  7. What are the terms and conditions?
    Please see the small print page for all the details..
  8. When do I pay the balance due?
    5 days before the start of the charter.
  9. What is the cancellation policy?
    Please see the small print page for our generous cancellation policy.
  10. Do I need insurance?
    If your charter is a demise or bareboat charter you may want to obtain insurance, or self insure if you do not obtain separate insurance, but we can guide you when we converse about your charter. If your charter is a crewed charter you generally do not need extra insurance coverage, as you are not liable for the boat or other liabilities we may incur.
  11. What are the types of charters available?
    a. Demise. This is basically a bareboat charter where you take legal control of the boat, including any damage or liability issues. You select your captain and can have 12 guests plus the charterer, in addition to the crew.
    b. Crewed. We provide the crew and we are responsible for the boat operation. There can be 12 guests plus the crew.
  12. Are there age restrictions?
    Yes. No children under the age of 4 will be allowed generally. Very old guests may not be comfortable as there are steps on the boat to the bathrooms and the sun deck, and to get on board. Physical fitness is a plus. At the same time we have had guests on wheel chairs, but the guests also have four very strong gentlement who lifted the person in and out sitting on the chair.
  13. Can we swim off the boat?
    Yes, when the engines are shut off, but never when underway or with the engines on.
  14. Can we jump off the boat?
    Yes, but only when you are also allowed to swim when the engines are off. Most people love jumping from the sun deck, as it is a relatively high point.
  15. Do we go to a beach?
    Yes. You can go to a beach if the charter time allows for this. This is something we can discuss over the phone before the charter. Usually a 6 hour charter or longer is best if swimming or a beach is part of your fun.
  16. Do I need to worry about seasickness?
    No. NSS Pattam is fully stabilized hydraulically while moving. This keeps the boat solid in normal conditions. NSS Pattam is also a heavy displacement boat, which makes it stable also at anchor. We do not rock and roll like smaller yachts do.
  17. Does the boat have air conditioning inside?
    Yes, the inside is fully air-conditioned all the time, whether underway or stopped.
  18. Are there bathrooms on board?
    Yes, there are 3 separate full bathrooms available for your use, with electric freshwater flushing toilets, cold and hot water.
  19. Are there bedrooms on board?
    Yes, there are 3 separate bedrooms available for your use.
  20. How much do we tip the crew?
    The usual crew gratuity is between 15 and 20 percent, but there is no limit. This usually depends on how you feel about the crew’s performance. The crew always tries to be the best for your enjoyment, and the tip is a large part of their income.
  21. Does the weather matter?
    Yes, we do not take you into bad weather that can be forecasted, and you get a full refund if it is a weather issue and we decide not to do the charter.
  22. Any hidden extras?
    We have no hidden extras, but we know many charters add extras. Fuel on a “fast” yach can be a killer at the end of the charter.
  23. How should we dress?
    Casual is the best probably, but if you have a more formal event, then dress as needed. Bathing suits if you plan on sunning or swimming. Beach shoes come in handy many times. Suntan lotion is also a must. No stilettos, or hard shoes, please. You can dress down as much as you want.
  24. What electricity is available onboard?
    We have the normal United States home power throughout the boat. (60 Hz, 120 VAC)
  25. How much cash should I bring?
    Many times customers bring cash for the gratuities, but not critical, as gratuities can be paid many other ways.
  26. What should we pack to bring?
    Outside of provisioning, suntan lotion, bathing suit, beach shoes, beach towels.
  27. Can we smoke onboard?
    No smoking anywhere. It is a safety issue.
  28. Is marijuana use allowed?
    No. No smoking, we are also under Federal rules and even marijuana is a drug like cocaine for the U S Coast Guard. The starting penalty is the impounding of the boat. We do not agree with this law, but it is enforced.
  29. Why are we restricted to 12 guests?
    Only cruise ships and specially built commercial vessels can carry more paying guests. The limits are international conventions rules. Even the largest freighters cannot take more than 12 paying guests. All yachts are restricted to 12.
  30. How can we have more than 12 guests?
    We can accommodate larger numbers of guests by using more than one boat for the charter. We can make all the needed arrangements for a successful and fun event. Boats that can carry more than 12 paying guests are not yachts. They are rough commercial boats. A tandem charter with another boat solves this issue and it is safe.
  31. How can I make payments?
    We accept major credit cards, debit cards, most modern internet payment methods, bank wire transfer.
  32. Is there any strenuous activity?
    No. The only possibly strenuous activity is the stairs/ladders to go between decks, and getting on the boat.
  33. Will my mobile phone work onboard?
    Yes. We are usually never out of cell phone range.
  34. Can I play my music on board?
    Yes. We have Bluetooth hookups in 2 separate stereo systems, one on the main deck and one on the sun deck.
  35. Can we fish onboard?
    Our boats are not set up for fishing at all, but we can arrange to meet with a fishing boat so you can also fish.
  36. Can we go scuba diving?
    No and yes. We cannot allow scuba diving from our boats. It is an insurance issue, but we can arrange to meet a dive boat so you can go diving with the convenience of not having to carry equipment.
  37. Can we bring pets?
    No. Pets and Service animals are not allowed on board.
  38. Can we have jet ski use?
    Yes. We can coordinate with jet ski providers to meet so you can go jet skiing from the yacht.
  39. Are there any unusual rules?
  40. Yes. We do not allow a) red wines, b) high heel shoes, c) glitter from makeup, spray, balloons, clothing, etc. d) confetti, e) dark frosting on cakes, f) pop rings or other similar items.
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