Destination is a very relative term, as it could mean a trip half way around the world or just a visit to a neighbor. This is also true when chartering any yacht. You can take a “fast” yacht and get to a destination a bit cramped, uncomfortable, and at the end the fuel bill has to be paid by you and that can be an amazingly large bill. When you charter NSS Pattam the pace is leisurely, comfortable, with lots of room for your whole group. No need to sit on the floor on the bow deck, on coolers or stand for hours as you would do on a “fast” yacht.

So destinations on NSS Pattam can be discussed in advance and also considering the reasonable time required to get to the destination, enjoy the destination and return also leisurely. Please call us at 727.209.7045 to chat about all these possibilities before you commit to any yacht charter.

We have some pictures here that show a variety of destinations. We do not show pictures of destinations like the scattering of ashes as those situations require tact and we understand privacy.

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