Day Charters

Day Charters

Day charters are the most common type of charter in the Tampa Bay area.

A day charter can be a length of 4 hours up to 8 hours within a day, but it may be longer. Usually the starting time is between 9 AM and 6 PM,

A 4-hour charter is relatively short but long enough for some celebrations. If it is a major celebration, or need to see the sun set, or need to go to one or more beaches, a 6 hour or more charter is a lot more leisurely and allows you to do more in a non-rushed way.

If your party is in a rush to get somewhere by water, then our adventure charter is the way to go.

The day charter can encompass a chef created five-star dinner for 6 to 12 guests, or a buffet style equally five-star buffet dinner for even more. Or you can have a self-catered meal.

The charter can also have live music, as NSS Pattam also has a baby grand piano in the living room. Even more musicians have been accommodated, and some times the guests also play an instrument, or the piano or sing. Usually we recommend the best pianist in the area, who is also a good singer and also does a Louis Armstrong imitation you cannot believe it’s not for real.

We also have had and can have massage therapists do massages on deck. We also have had yoga classes, but usually only when docked.

We can also organize jet skis where they bring the jet skis to you at NSS Pattam. It is super convenient. Or diving where the dive boat also picks you up at NSS Pattam and returns you to the yacht, so you do not have to lug any equipment.

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