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The owners of Do Charter Now are experienced boaters with a combined boating experience of over a century. The owners have also held USCG masters licences including 200 tons. The owners also have over 10 years experience chartering their own boats and chartering other boats for themselves. Their experiences extend from the Magdalene islands in Quebec all the way down to Grenada, including both coasts of Florida and the keys.

The owners have owned and operated their own sailing vessels from 8 to 52 feet, and their own powerboats from 14 to 130 feet. The owners are also boat charter brokers with access to just about every boat in Tampa Bay, in addition to the 84 foot NSS Pattam and the 32 foot Bathem, both US Coast Guard registered.

Your Captain will always be extremely experienced and knowledgeable about Tampa Bay, and crews are all experienced, friendly, qualified, safe.

Our boats and any other boat we may offer you meet the highest standards for chartering

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