Business Charters

Business Charters on NSS Pattam

Business meetings and get togethers can be very private and business-like and fun at the same time on NSS Pattam. You have the full attention of all the guests, and at the same time the guests are also having a very enjoyable and unique experience you can never have just at a luxury hotel, a resort, in a city with a lot of distractions. You will have a pleasant and focused encounter.

There can be 3 to 5 separate meeting areas for separate but simultaneous discussions, if this becomes desirable, or all can meet together in one or two distinct areas. In other words, there is plenty of space for presentations, beverages, or just meeting with suppliers, employees or customers. You can never accomplish this in a hotel suite or meeting room, or a restaurant, but it can be accomplished with ease on NSS Pattam. Call us at 727.209.7045 for more details.

We are also a great way to perform closings that must be performed offshore. These are relatively rare, but more normal closings can be done leisurely in our fully air conditioned environment, so weather is not a major issue.

NSS Pattam carries legally up to 12 guests, not including the crew or supporting staff, but we have had 37 friends on board in a small storm and everyone was fine. We cannot carry over our legal limit as far as guests are concerned, in any case.

We are also a good meeting place for conventions where you need to take people out on a short time basis, but many times in a day. We have a 32 foot dinghy that accomodates 12 guests comfortably so we can pick up and deliver almost any place.

Team building on NSS Pattam has also been a welcome destination for many companies.

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