All beaches are accessible for you using our tender. Some beaches are accessible by NSS Pattam.

The tender has very few limitations on where it can come to a beach, as it is fast, can carry all the guests in full comfort and safety, requires only about 2.5 feet of depth to approach any beach, and the crew has been to all the beaches numerous times. This arrangement may or may not require the addition of chartering the tender, depending on the situation, location, timing, etc. Consult with us at 727.902.1124 for details.

NSS Pattam can also approach some beaches that do not have a height or depth restriction, as NSS Pattam draws about 6 feet, and needs an overhead clearance of over 27 feet. Most of the time if your party needs to reach a beach directly with NSS Pattam, the charter period should be extended to 6 hours or more in order not to have a rushed time at a possible beach. Consult with us at 727.9021124 for more details.

These pictures show some of the available beaches.

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