NSS Pattam Affordable Luxury Charters
Introduce the crew. The crew is always available to help, so do not hesitate. In an emergency the crew will be directing you as far as what to do, but if the whole crew is incapacitated, which is
very unlikely, you must be somewhat familiar with safety procedures.
2.        DRUGS.
No illegal drugs of any type can be used or carried aboard. The definition of illegal on the water is the Federal definition, not any state or local lows work at all.
3.        LIFE JACKETS.
We have plenty of life jackets for everyone. The life jackets are stored on the Sun Deck, under the seats that are towards the back of the boat. (Show one life jacket.)
4.        RADIO.
The boat is equipped with a VHF radio in the wheelhouse, and another radio on the Sun Deck by the driving station. There is also a portable radio in the wheelhouse. The built in radios are
always in the on position and on channel 16 normally.
In case of emergency make sure you are on channel 16, which is the emergency radio, press the button on the mike and say in a loud and clear voice: MAYDAY, 3 times. State this is NSS
Pattam with X number of people aboard, state roughly or exactly where you are, and wait for a Coast Guard answer and then follow their instructions. That is the legal requirement, but today cell
phones may be a better method, by calling 911.
5.        FLARES.
NSS Pattam is equipped with the legal flares.
Engine Room: By tool box and by bench.
Galley/Living Room: 2 in closet under stairs.
Forward Bedroom: in closet.
Port bedroom: in closet.
Starboard bedroom: in closet.
Hallway downstairs forward: in starboard closet.
The engine room has a Halon System.
7.        FIRST AID.
There are first aid supplies in a drawer inside the closet in the hallway across from the galley.
8.        EXITS.
If you are down below under the main deck the hatch in the ceiling in the forward bedroom bathroom is an escape hatch leading to the forward deck.
9.        LAYOUT.
Except for the stern staircase access, which leads to the engine room and crew area, the whole boat is available for you. There are 3 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms available forward.
10.        STAIRS. The spiral stairs leading downstairs forward require that you have both hands free all the time and that you use both hands to hold the handrail with one hand and the other
hand to hold on to the other side. The stairs can be slippery as they are fairly tight. If you need help with the stairs, please call the crew before using the stairs.
The stairs going up to the Sun Deck are easy to maneuver, but ensure the hatch is completely open before starting going up.
you are soaked to avoid getting the interior of the boat wet.
11.        WETNESS.
Please do not go inside the boat wet.
12.        SHOES.
We ask you to please do not wear shoes inside. This is also a safety issue. Please never wear high heel shoes anywhere on the boat. The heels damage the floors permanently.
13.        TRASH.
No trash of any type can be thrown overboard. There is a trash receptacle in the galley. There is also a trash container in the cockpit by the ladder, and one on the Sun Deck. If you cannot
dispose of the trash properly for whatever reason, the crew will help you dispose of the trash properly.
14.        TOILETS.
The flushing of the toilets is via a button on the left side as you face the toilet. One touch flushes, except the starboard bathroom has a switch that will flush as long as you press the switch. Do
not put anything extra in the toilet except toilet paper.
15.        NOISES.
If you detect any unusual noise, activity, smoke, please alert the crew so remedial action can be taken immediately if required.
a.        Please do not:
i.        Jump off the boat into the water when the engines are on, or when the boat is at a dock.
ii.        Apply Suntan lotion inside. Please do not use any spray lotions.
iii.        Take any drink or beverage below the main deck. Except for clear water.
iv.        Put any drink or food on the dashboard in the wheelhouse.
v.        Put a rough item or drink container or write on any varnished surface.
vi.        Bring sand or dirt to the boat.
vii.        Leave open containers anywhere.
viii.        Sit wet on seats outside.
ix.        Open any portholes, windows or hatches.
x.        Change any switches or controls.
xi.        Leave items on deck to blow away.
xii.        Drink alcohol if under age.
xiii.        Have or use any illegal drugs or smoke anything.
b.        Please do these items:
i.        Put towel under you if you sit wet on any cushioned seat.
ii.        Keep door latched.
iii.        Become aware of safety and emergency items on board, for your safety and the safety of all.
iv.        Ask before storing any boat items.
17.        QUESTIONS.
The crew will be happy to answer any and all of your questions about the boat or anything else.