The NSS PATTAM crew is always comprised of professionals with experience handling this boat, and with experience on the water, and also friendly towards guests

Our crews are also knowledgeable about the area by water and by land. In addition to being experts on the ocean they can also be helpful with land opportunities and places to go and see for people of all ages

The crew will always treat you with courtesy and tell you about the area you are seeing and anything you want to know about NSS PATTAM

The crew will do the short safety training so you feel comfortable on the water and will always answer your questions

The crew will also allow you drive the boat once away from the dock or a tight situation, if you are interested.

Length overall: 84 feet (26m),
Beam: 19 feet 6 inches (5.8m)
Draft: 5 feet 6 inches (1.7m)
Tonnage: 111
Year built: 1988. Year refit: 2017
Engines: Twin Caterpillar model 3306.
Bow Thruster.
Motion Stabilized.
Flag: USA
Speed Cruise: 8-10 Kn.
Speed Max: 12 Kn.
NSS Pattam is fully air conditioned throughout. Crew have separate quarters and head and shower.
DVD/CD Player: main salon, sun deck, staterooms. Extensive DVD Movie Library. Wii Game with 4 remotes. Stereo systems in main salon, wheelhouse, sun deck, staterooms. Digital music available from computers and wireless system in mainsalon and sun deck.
Satellite TV: in main salon, aft, port and forward staterooms. LEDscreen 47; 30 and 26 “.
Diving: Can be arranged in advance.
Swim platform.
Large gas BBQ.
Free Wireless Internet on board
On board electrical voltage is 110 Vac, 60 Hz.
Each stateroom also has TV and DVD player. The boat has an extensive DVD movie library and Satellite TV when available.
NSS Pattam can accommodate 7 guests over night, and 12 guests for the day.(Children under one year do not count).

Frequently Asked Questions and short answers

TAXES: Are extra.
TIPPING: Not included. The crew relies on and works for tips, which range between 15 and 25 percent normally
PETS: None allowed.
NON-SWIMMERS: They are fine.
SEA SICKNESS: Take care of it in advance, but NSS Pattam is stabilized so you will probably be OK.
MEDICAL EMERGENCIES: We cannot handle, so we call911.
PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES: Cannot come aboard as we have a boarding ladder.
STAIRS: You must be able to handle steep stairs aboard.
You lay out in a smaller boat, and at the same time those who do not want to be in the sun need to find adequate shade, not to mention if you want to be out of the heat at the same time, especially when the boat is not moving and there is no breeze.and let us not consider what happens on a smaller boat when the inevitable shower wets everything.

NSS PATTAM has two large areas that are always in the sun: the bow deck and most of the sun deck on top. Both of these areas also have facilities to relax and take the sun.

NSS PATTAM also has two large areas outdoors that are shaded all the time: the covered area of the sun deck and the roofed cockpit. Both areas provide comfortable seating accommodations for may. These areas are also perfect in case of rain, you are still outside, but dry. In addition to all of this, the interior areas are air conditioned full time for your comfort at all times.

At the same time we are aware that some guests cannot be without their habit. So we allow smoking outside in the rear lower cockpit, as long as the wind takes the smoke outside the boat. No smoking ever in any other part of the boat is allowed

Before signing something you have a chance to review in advance.

Please review these documents and potential issue that may arise over time and are better to be known in advance, so no surprises


Hold harmless agreement for participating in a water activity



If you cancel the charter, within two weeks of the start of the charter, you will lose your deposit. Under some circumstances the deposit is not lost if the charter can be re-booked. This will be at sole discretion of NSS PATTAM.
If the charter is cancelled by NSS PATTAM for issues other than weather, breakdown or force majeure, charter payments will be refunded as soon as possible.

It is up to the discretion of NSS PATTAM alone to delay a charter due to weather conditions. This is a safety issue and there is no compromise possible. The charter payments will be refunded except for extras such as catering,etc, depending on the lead times involved.
If for any reason NSS PATTAM becomes inoperable, the charter payments will be refunded fully.
Force mature means an “Act of god”, in other words, something unpredictable that no one could foresee. In this case the return of the charter payments will be negotiated between the parties to come to an agreeable resolution.

Guests are expected to act as guests, and violence either verbally or physically is not tolerated, whether it it directed to the crew or other guests. Guest behavior is expected to be civilized. Depending on the severity of the infraction, the charter may be terminated immediately, with no refunds of any kind. If the behavior is excessive, the authorities will come to the boat and take over the situation, and the charter is cancelled with no refund.

No matter what the state law says, federal laws are applicable on the water, and they are applied to the boat and its owners. So no illegal drugs are allowed, and this includes marijuana, and it is not clear whether medical use is allowed under federal law. If there is any illegal use of drugs, the charter will be terminated and no refunds will be available.